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Product Name: Sodium Lauryl Ethyl Sulfate
CAS No: 68585-34-2
Product Type: Inorganic Chemicals -> Inorganic acids
Product spec: 024
Packing: 10kgs / 170kgs in new plastic drum
Post Time: 2012-02-15
Usage: Used in liquid detergent, such as dishware, shampoo, bubble bath and hand cleaner. It could also be used in washing powder and detergent for heavy dirty, to LAS.
Description: CHEMICAL NAME: Sodium Lauryl Ethyl Sulfate SYNONYMS: SLES CAS NO.: 68585-34-2 FORMULA: RO(C2H4O)nSO3Na 2. PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES: APPEARENCE: White or yellowish paste. Active assay (w%): 68-72 Unsulfated matter (w%): 3.5 max. Sodium sulfate (w%): 1.5 max Color (5%): 30 max. pH value (2%): 6.5-9.5
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